So you found another guy with a presence on the Interwebs who knows how to put together a website/blog.

I’m a Jesus-follower. Call me a Christian, if you must. Titles don’t mean much to me, I just want to follow Jesus and share the journey with others. We live in a world where everything is complicated and polarised. Jesus was deep, but he wasn’t complicated. I’m just trying to figure out what that looks like in everyday life, following Jesus in a simple, deep, but uncomplicated way.

Right now, I’m pastoring at Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. I preach and teach the Bible, I disciple and mentor people in their walk with Jesus, and I encourage and counsel people in their faith. It’s definitely a privilege and a great responsibility.

Prior to serving with BCCC, I was a missionary with OMF International (Australia) mobilising the Christians to take part in God’s mission to the world. I’m also blessed to have served as a pastor in Melbourne working with youth, young adults, and families. Starting ministry young, I made lots of mistakes (fortunately, nothing too crazy!), but learnt lots from my experience; I can only pray I made a difference as I tried to share something of Jesus with them.

Following Jesus took me from Melbourne to Queensland (Toowoomba/Brisbane), Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, and a few other stops along the way. I love disciple-making, mentoring, and sharing life with people. Coffee snob. Foodie poser. Wannabe tech geek. Married to Julie with two super cute kids, Joseph & Emily.