• A Father’s Prayer

    A Father’s Prayer

    A poetic prayer I wrote for myself for Father’s Day this year.

  • Matthias James Luu

    Matthias James Luu

    On 2 January 2019, we were blessed with a gift from God (Matthias), who we pray will grow into a follower of God (James). Matthias James Luu was safely born at 5.06pm (local time), weighing 3.205kg (7lbs). Mum and bub are resting after a big day.

  • What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name?

    Glory // 榮耀 The Chinese word for ‘glory’ is 榮耀. My Chinese name is 盧耀國. My dad’s name is 盧榮林. When you highlight the generational (middle) characters of my dad’s and my siblings’ name—榮 and 耀, respectively. What legacy will my dad and I leave to my children and future generations? My dad was a…

  • Ghost Month

    Ghost Month

    Ghost month. A period of time when the gates of hell are opened, allowing ghosts and spirits to enter our world. It is a time for them to feast on the food and drink offerings made for them. At the height of the month, the ghost festival (the 15th day of the seventh lunar month),…

  • Culture shock: the early days

    Culture shock: the early days

    Well, it’s Day 4 of our new journey in Taiwan. We arrived safely last Wednesday and we were warmly welcomed by a fellow co-worker. To date, there are daily communications in the form of personal visits, phone calls, and messages from one or more of our new co-workers here in Taipei. All of them are…