Parking in Melbourne CBD

One of my greatest frustrations is finding parking in Melbourne CBD. It is rare that I drive into the city, but when I do, I always find myself on Google looking for parking options—of which there are few or extremely difficult to find. What is worse, most car parks don’t have their prices visible (which I think is illegal, can someone confirm). So, I’ve decided to be the solution to my own problem. Here, I will list and make suggestions on parking spaces that I have used and find helpful.
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Sin: no big deal…?

I’m listening to a lecture on Augustine (iTunes U = free learning) and I’m prompted by a comment about Augustine’s reflections on his life. In an event where he stole fruit, he made the comment that he did not steal for the object itself, rather he stole for the thrill of the act. He stole because he loved evil. The lecture goes on to point out that Augustine was a sex-addict, living with a mistress for 13 years. In a prayer during that time Augustine prayed that he would be celibate… but not yet.
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Brand loyalty…

I’ve been speaking with a number of friends recently about one of the issues with my generation. I think one of the biggest issues today is brand loyalty, or rather, ownership. Why not just say ownership? Simply because the issue is more than possessing something. There was once an age where people would swear upon a particular brand, no matter much it failed, because they had a good experience and became loyal to that brand. Take my parents’ (Asian) generation, they will swear by Toyota’s cars. For these sorts of people, this brand was always first choice, regardless of cost, quality, etc.

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Still unknown…

My dear friends, I have often been challenged by the necessity of the Gospel to be shared among the nations. As many of you know, I have a heart to share the Gospel to the people of Japan. In a recent article written by a missionary in Mongolia, a question asked by a young pastor:

“If Jesus came 2000 years ago, why has it taken so long for our people to hear about him? What about my father, my grandfather, my ancestors?”

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Setting the standard…

Fergie Cleans Up Her Act – for Young Fans

One of the biggest flaws of our celebrity culture is the lack of role models that can be found. More often than not, the examples set by our celebrities are far from ideal. Now, I’m not saying that they have to be perfect; actually, I’m not exactly a fan of the paparazzi that seem to stalk every aspect of their lives. However, given that their lives are under such scrutiny (and they know it), most of them could do a little more to improve the image we see in our magazines, TV and computer screens.
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