Now serving with OMF International

During my teenage years, God placed in my heart a passion for the nations, the time at which I thought meant going and sharing the gospel in the deserts and jungles of Africa. Since then, I’ve grown to appreciate missions begins here at home, in our own homes with family and friends, our work collegues, and anyone God might be pleased to bring across our path.

As the new year begins, so begins a new chapter in my life and ministry. I’m honoured and privileged to be serving the numerous people who have dedicated their lives to the gospel call seeking to reach the unreached millions throughout East Asia. This year I will be joining OMF International as a Serve Asia Coordinator for Queensland, Australia.

OMF’s Serve Asia program is a short-term mission program with placements lasting between 2 weeks up to 11 months. The program is broad in its application yet specific in purpose and intent of developing long-term engagement in global missions for the Kingdom of God. It’s not about doing the “mission” thing or sightseeing while “serving” God, it is a genuine and purposeful opportunity to invest into the Kingdom of God.

OMF International (formerly Overseas Missionary Fellowship and before 1964 China Inland Mission) was founded by J. Hudson Taylor. It is focused and passionate about the unreached millions of East Asia, to the northern borders of Mongolia, around the pennisula of Korea, sailing south through the islands of Japan, Taiwan, Philipines to Indonesia, and back north through the region of the Mekong. There are more than 1,800 ethno-linguistic people groups marked by Buddhism, with pockets of Islam, a mix of syncretistic animism, and political Communist atheism.

I am privileged to join this ongoing legacy of faithful and humble servants of the Kingdom seeking to reach the nations for the Kingdom of God.

Noah’s Ark found? The impact upon the Gospel

Tonight, I was at a presentation of the alleged discovery of Noah’s Ark. As I sat there and listened, I began to reflect upon the significance, if any, that this could potentially have upon the Christian faith. Then I started to realise and asked myself this question: Does the discovery of Noah’s Ark (and evidence of any Biblical historical event/narrative) have any impact upon the establishment of the truth of Christianity—that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, come to die for the sins of all humanity, risen on the third day in victory of the chains of sin and death?
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News: Kids send Marcus the lamb to slaughter

Kids send Marcus the lamb to slaughter

I find this somewhat reassuring, while some may find this discomforting as pointed to in the article. In summary, kids at a school in Kent, England, vote to slaughter a lamb which they themselves raised. It was set within an educational farm setting, educating students on farming life. However, the choice to slaughter ‘Marcus’ raised a huge commotion by animal cruelty and animal rights activists. For more details, read the article.
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News: Counter-terrorism raids across Melbourne

News: Counter-terrorism raids across Melbourne

Breaking news this morning across the media. Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police, in joint co-operation, launched a counter-terrorism raid across 19 addresses throughout Melbourne.

More than anything else, this action highlights the truth about the world we are now living in. No longer is the terrorist situation focused upon the United States, but the whole Western world; from the US, through to Europe and, now, Australia. The reality of the Islamic extremist has reached our shores. That being said, there are many non-extremist Islamic groups which do not condone such activity. As such, I hope that we, the general public, would have the discernment and wisdom to distinguish between our Muslim neighbours and those who are truly threats to our society.

There is more that can be said regarding this incident, but until allegations are finalised, that’s all for now.