Hey, hey there are better things to worry about

[An article written by Benjamin Tan. Some words have been censored at my discretion.]

Paint a black man’s face white and you get ‘White Chicks’. Paint a white man’s face black and you get a racist. What is the world coming to these days?

It’s hard to believe that even with a few thousand years of evolution; we’ve hardly progressed as a race. That something as lame as a skit on a local TV show would cause that much heated debate around the world – just because Harry Connick Jr says so. Did anyone realise that the lead singer in the act was Indian or that five of the six of them were from multicultural backgrounds? Perhaps no one cares.

For those who don’t know what happened watch/read it at this link here.

Ok, so the act may have been a tad insensitive, bad taste, etc. But why all this ra-ra? It’s not as if the USA hasn’t done the same bloody thing themselves. I-D Magazine in the states showed a picture of a girl in back makeup with bright pink lips.

Not too long ago, an American animated series (Drawn Together) showed the same thing with one of their lead characters. Was there any heated debate then? No. Probably because Harry wasn’t on hand to diss it. Take a look at South Park. Hilariously funny but crude and offensive to races, religions and even disabled people. Where’s the uproar? Where’re the negative reviews? ([edited] Churches don’t count) Where’s the, ‘Hey, hey there’s no more show’ Harry?

And why does NO ONE seem to care about racism when it actually happens? When Asians suffer racial abuse or get beaten up in Australia? Or that racial violence has become a regular occurrence at Melbourne’s train stations? Why aren’t there forums, youtube videos, constant airtime, blogs, news headlines and global outcry made out of these serious events instead? Why does a silly act on TV garner attention when clearly we have more pressing matters to worry about?

The answer in one word.


Well, that and the fact that Western society tends to thrive on sensationalised news to divert attention from current problems that really affect us all. Issues people couldn’t give a s*** about like… say… global f***ing warming.

But back to the issue at hand.

Hypocrisy. It’s something we can all live without. And maybe instead of wasting our time criticising and finger pointing, we should get off our high horses and actually DO something about it. (edit)

To further illustrate my point, here’s a real travesty that makes the skit seem like Sunday choir sing-a-long.

In 1982, a Chinese American, Vincent Chin, was beaten to death in Detroit, Michigan by a mob of white assailants. Was there a global outcry you ask? Hell, no. In fact, the bastards got no jail time and were acquitted of all charges.

True, this wasn’t shown live to millions of viewers, but it was a racial injustice that happened. Not a dance act that Mr. Connick Jr (and countless other journalistic vultures) choose to interpret as being racist.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

If we were really concerned about racism in today’s society, we would be educating our kids about issues – real issues – instead of creating a media storm out of a 30 sec skit. But far more importantly, we would be teaching them that there is only one race in this world – human.

But how do we teach when we ourselves can’t see it?

P.S: F*** you Harry Connick Jr. I’m never buying your CDs.