About Me

Hey there, I’m Peter. I’m a pastor at BCCC, a Cantonese migrant church in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. (Mind you, I don’t speak Cantonese at all!) In God’s goodness, I find myself in a place where I continue to learn and grow in cross‑cultural ministry.

Despite running away from the migrant church, in God’s kindness, he gave me a deep love for his church. Today, I find myself privileged to open the Bible regularly to point people to Jesus. I want to see people find the life, freedom, and hope that comes through knowing Jesus intimately.

God’s love for his church and my personal experience with the migrant church motivates me to encourage and support churches, ministries, and gospel workers as they seek to navigate the cultural and generational differences. I hope to share the collective experience and wisdom of the past to see churches grow healthy and multiply for God’s glory.

To this end, God opened doors for me to minister in various churches, mission organisations, and other ministries throughout Australia and Asia. Presently, I pastor the English congregation of BCCC, while serving alongside Reach Australia and The Gospel Coalition Australia (Asia Network).

I’m married to Julie with three crazy kids: Joseph, Emily, and Matthias (our gift from God with Down Syndrome). They help keep me grounded. I’m a coffee snob, foodie poser, dessert lover, and wanna‑be traveller.