Peter Luu

Peter Luu

A 2nd generation refugee dreaming of seeing Jesus as Lord over church and culture.

My journey led me to wrestle with the reality of the Christian message. Does Jesus really speak across cultures? Does Jesus offer an answer to the personal struggles of family and faith? In the end, I believe Jesus does.

The answer is unbelievably wonderful: I'm made in God's image (Genesis 1:26), and through faith in Jesus, there's redemption by his grace (Romans 3:22-26). Redemption for my own brokenness and rebellion (aka sin), but also redemption for broken identities, cultural misunderstandings, and family conflicts.

Today, I'm one of the pastors at BCCC, a Cantonese migrant church in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. (FYI, I don’t speak Cantonese!) Here, my principles are practically tested as I continue to learn how to navigate the intersection of faith and culture in leadership, community, families, and interpersonal relationships.

Over the years, I served in various churches, mission organisations, and other ministries throughout Australia and Asia. Right now, I serve alongside the teams at Reach Australia and The Gospel Coalition Australia (Asia Network).

Wherever I am, wherever I go, my prayer is that people will discover that our identity isn't found in where we were born, where our family comes from, what we do, or how well we do it. Our identity is found in knowing and trusting Jesus. In Jesus, faith and culture intersect, offering hope, freedom, and life—life to the full.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (Jesus; John 10:10b)

I’m married to Julie and have three wonderful but crazy kids—Joseph, Emily, and Matthias (our gift from God with Down Syndrome). They help keep me grounded. Most of the time…