Psalms: leave it to me!

Cover to Cover

Reading: Psalms 51-57

Focus: Psalm 55

The psalms are often raw with emotion, honest and open, and simply, human. They don’t pretend as if the world should be perfect; they don’t try and justify God’s actions; rather, they often reflect the reality of the heart, struggling to come to terms with the wickedness which afflicts them, calling out to God as they seek a resolve to their circumstances. However, at the end of all this, they always come back to one place, a place of trust: they trust God, they trust Him with their life.

This psalm (Psalm 55) is one of those psalms. It begins with the plea of David of God to hear his prayers. As David continues, he reveals his struggle and turmoil which is in his heart. He seeks resolve from God, David seeks God to undertake his situation and find an answer. In the end, this is what it all comes down to: “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”

Regardless of life’s situation, whether it was positive or negative, whether they were finding success or overwhelmed by their enemies—this is what it comes down to, in all things, casting all your cares on the Lord. The psalmists all come back to this point, there is nothing to do but trust God, to cast all our cares upon Him. We can try and rise up in life’s circumstances, through our own strength and ability…but often have we tried and come up short. Or, we can leave it to Him and enjoy the journey ahead. When God says, “Leave it to me!” He means it.

Next Reading: Psalms 58-65

Psalms: God’s way, the best way

Cover to Cover

Reading: Psalms 18-21

Focus: Psalm 19

There have been times when I’ve often questioned, “God, are you sure? Is this really the way you want me to go?” Filled with doubt, confusion and endless questions of where God is taking me in life. It’s not at all uncommon to ask these questions…there are times when it seems like an endless cycle of learning to trust in God. We know that He has our best intention in view, yet it seems so hard to see it sometimes.

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Samuel: we want a king!

Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Samuel 8:1-11:15

Focus: 1 Samuel 8:6-9

As people, as physical beings, we desire tangible objects to associate and interpret our world. The basis of science is the observable world, not the invisible and intangible—that which is intangible remains under the category of “theory”. Even in the search to understand the invisible and intangible, it is through the tangible which it is interpreted…which can cause a few problems because they are often nothing alike. The invisible and intangible is a state that can’t be paralleled with the tangible. Yet, we will try, try as we might, to parallel the known with the unknown.

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Numbers: following in His steps…

Cover to Cover

Reading: Numbers 7:1-10:10

Focus: Numbers 9:15-23

In the army, soldiers submit to the authority of the commanding officer. When the commander makes the decision to move out, everyone moves out; when he makes the decision to camp, everyone sets up camp. There is little room to question the decisions of the commander. Whether the camp stays for a day, a week, a month is entirely up to the commander free to move his officers with a simple command.

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Moses: just enough…

Cover to Cover

Reading: Exodus 15:1-17:16

Focus: Exodus 16:13-30

Why is it so hard to trust in God? When Jesus taught, “Do not worry” on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:25-34) and that God would provide the needs of His people, Jesus meant that we could trust God to provide for our daily needs. Yet, we start thinking about the future and how we’ll ever be able to afford a house or raise a family, how we’ll ever live after retirement…the list goes on. Even when we’ve seen God provide amazingly in our times of need, we still forget and look to heavens in torment, “Why me, God, why me?

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Moses: a well-timed hand

Cover to Cover

Reading: Exodus 8:20-11:10

Focus: Exodus 8:22-24; 9:5-7; 9:13-26

Reading through the Plague narrative, one cannot help but wonder at what it would have been like to go through each event and see a nation ravaged by the hand of God through the sheer power of nature. What would it have been like for the Egyptians subject to the hardened heart of Pharaoh and his officials? Even at the price of the plagues, so unwilling to release, holding onto their slave labour force. What a price to pay…

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