24 years in the making…

Not much has changed over the years. From clear, natural skin to scarred, marked skin; from a mess of hair, to a slightly different mess of hair.  Aside from different lighting conditions, there’s not much difference between the two.

Life has been good to me, while it has had its low moments also, with blessings too many to count. I have gone through much in life and, I know, that they have molded me into what I am now.

I can’t thank, enough, the people in my life. To name them would take another year of life to do so (if not more). Though there are some that are worthy of mention. Firstly, my grandmother. A woman who, essentially, brought me up during my years in primary school. Without her gentle nature, without her love and care, I don’t know where I would be today.

Secondly, the teachers of my primary years. It takes a lot of wisdom to deal with a rat (it’s my zodiac as well…hehe) and develop them into a mature person. The discipline and correction that I received from them, unquestionably, has placed particular values into my life that I will take with me wherever I go.

Thirdly, my parents. You’d think that I’d put them first, well, no. All respect to my parents, however, their influence, largely, didn’t begin until my later years in life. My parents played a minor role in my primary years and wasn’t until grandma passed away that they began to play a more active role.  However, that aside, they have driven me to challenge what I do (not always well received), who I am and all that life means to me. They have instilled in me principles of hospitality, discernment and responsibility (though they are all still in the works).

The list could go on, but like I said, it’d just take too long. To each one of you who has played a part, thank you.

Just for novelty’s sake, some highlights that I can (immediately) think of in my 24th year of life (in no particular order):

  • HOPE conference in Thailand
  • donating blood throughout the year (I love it, you should come…)
  • my work and ministry with BCPC
  • ending my regular physio. appointments
  • receiving home-baked cookies from a dear friend in the USA (10 days old and still awesome!)
  • meeting and working with numerous extraordinary people

This is just through a 5-minute scan of my diary and thoughts, so if there’s something I’ve missed…don’t feel bad. With that said, today marks the beginning of the 25th year of life with many more to come. Cheers!