A love story…

Before you all excited, it’s not what you think. It’s got nothing to do with me…sorry. Maybe except that I was a privileged recipient of this story. During my time here in Toowoomba, I’ve been honoured to meet many who have walked life’s journey for many years. To be able to hear their stories, their adventures, and their perspectives was a blessing we often dismiss in our younger years.

This afternoon, I sat with an 85 year old man who in the space of 15 minutes gained my deepest respect. In those brief moments, as he recounted his story, I was impressed by the love he had for his departed wife. He shared, particularly, of the last 19 years of her life affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Upon her diagnosis, he left his life on the farm, sold the property and moved into the local township. Everyday, as far as it was possible, he saw it as his duty to feed her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Despite all the offers of assistance when potential obstacles arose, he would make the time and effort to be home, to cook, and to feed his ailing wife. In the instances where she was hospitalised, it was no different and he would spent his days by her side.

As I listened to his story, I was impressed by his gentle love for his wife. There was no extravagance about the way he told his story, there was nothing seemingly emphatic in his voice… rather, it was a very simple matter-of-fact. He told the story as though it was the norm of marriage. In that realisation, I heard the untold love story of a couple full of generosity, grace, and abounding love.

I can only imagine that if I had the time to hear the remainder of his story, I would only be further enamoured with the love he shared with his wife.

One response to “A love story…”

  1. Jacqui K Avatar

    Beautiful…absolutely beautiful! This is what real love is – laying down one’s life for another – just like Christ. 🙂
    May I be blessed with a life partner like this – faithful & Christlike.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely story!