Abraham: respect

Cover to Cover

Reading: Genesis 21:1-23:20

Focus: Genesis 23:1-20

As with each story, there is an end, at this point in the story, it is the end of Sarah’s tale. Yet, in her death we begin to see the influence and renown of Abraham among the people with whom he lived. At the time, living among the Hittites, Abraham sought provision of land from them to bury his wife, Sarah. It is a telling story of the relationship that Abraham had with those around him.

For the most part, it seems like a simple transaction of land and money between two parties, and that it is. However, I can’t help but see God behind this entire event. Abraham, called a prince by the Hittites, was likely to have a camp of a few hundred people (remember that he had an army of 318 men at his disposal). Nonetheless, that his reputation would afford him the free and welcomed provision of land by the Hittites is a reflection of who Abraham was—a noble man respected and admired by those around him.

In the end, Abraham still paid for the field, I suspect that his integrity would not allow him to do otherwise. Yet, it makes me wonder, what sort of reception would I receive in the world that I live in? Would I have the support and respect of the people in my community? Now, it’s not a question of ego and pride, instead the question is, “Do I live my life to make a difference in the world around me?” Now, it’s not to say that I’ll be given free land, but have I done my part?

The Christian community is, generally speaking, not viewed favourably in the public eye. With so many stories of adultery, child abuse, sexual immorality, financial dishonesty, etc. overshadowing the Church, it is no wonder that our positive influence is often overlooked. Yet, just as God called Abraham to be a blessing, so too is the Church. I know I’m challenged to, personally, keep myself accountable and to live a life worthy of His name and glory.

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