I don’t believe in accidents. Random, sure. Unplanned, sure. Unintended, sure. Coincidence, nope. I had one of the most random, unplanned, unintended meetings on Saturday. What I thought would last, say, two hours ended up lasting for the good space of about 6 hours…

However, this meeting has been a significant milestone in my journey and it is one that I will (honestly) probably forget, but the questions and ideas that were spawned from it will continue to drive me long into my life ahead. es, I’m being vague, I tend to be. If you really want to know more, because I lack the self-confidence to believe anyone actually cares, then ask.

After all, I believe in an omnipotent and omniscient (all-powerful and all-knowing) God and to think that for a moment that an accident occurs in life without His hand behind it would be doubting the God I serve. [Okay, so it raises questions about why disasters happen, but that’ll take me too long.]

My life, your life, the life of the person you just saw walk by…is no accident. Each one of us has a purpose and a reason for being here. While we ask the question “WHY?” all the time, I’ve found that it is a lot better just not to know. Better to flow with the tide and see where it takes us. After all, my God is in control and He knows best whether we think so or not.

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  1. Hi
    yes true…everything happened with a purpose… and life is what we make it.

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