An old lady, a young girl, and grace…

What a day! I tell you, what these eyes have witnessed in the last 12 hours has just made somewhat of a crazy day. My day began with a visit to my mission agency to join in their weekly staff meeting. It proved to be quite extraordinary with a visit from an old missionary lady who had recently just returned from a trip to PNG. What was so extraordinary about that?

Well, for starters, she’s 97 years old. What made it all the more extraordinary was the fact that she is still serving and ministering faithfully and humbling in the service of God. 97 years old! Heck, most people would be retired three times over (if that were possible)!! This lady has been in the ministry for over 70 years! Alongside her husband, they were some of the most influential people in PNG over almost 3 generations of people. To hear her share about her most recent trip and her heart’s desire to continue to strengthen, encourage, challenge, and minister to people is absolutely awesome. This is one person to look up to.

After that amazing morning, headed off to the library to get some work done. Getting close to dinner time, I didn’t want to head home (still haven’t at the time of writing this) because I won’t get any work done, and decided to head down to the shops next door to get some food for my growling stomach. Just as I walked out of the library I hear this loud *smash* but couldn’t see anything in view. So, kept walking to my chosen destination. Just as I come around the corner to the shop, I see a mangle of two cars in the middle of the intersection outside the shopping centre.

My eye quickly picked up that one of the cars also had a red ‘P’ plate (for internationals, the red ‘P’ plate indicates new drivers in their first year of driving). As I continued walking, I noticed a young girl sitting on the grass almost in a fetal position. Poor girl! Now, I’m not saying it’s her fault, I didn’t see the accident; but that sucks in anyone’s books. I really feel for the girl, it’s going to be hard getting back on the road anytime soon.

So, my exams are finished, but I still have one more essay to finish. It’s great but disadvantageous at the same time, because that essay belongs to my mission subject of which the lecturer belongs to my mission agency. I was hoping that he wasn’t going to be in the office this morning but…he was. His wife even scolded me (well, kind of). It was funny because he didn’t know I was there and I was talking to someone else when he called me. Anyway, he was pleasantly surprised when I told him to turn around.

To cut a not-so-long-story short, he graciously gave me some gentle words of “hurry up and get it done soon” (though that’s more my interpretation than anything else). Well, that explains why I’m at the library procrastinating writing on my blog. Anyway, I’ve got a Bible study and a sermon to prepare this week. Fun times!