Before I say anything, I don’t claim to be a connoisseur of any sort, but I do like a good coffee and there are few places which I find myself satisfied. (I think I’m just a spoilt brat and too picky for my own good.) Over the last few weeks, I’ve visited a couple of cafes not all good, but to begin my collection of reviews, here’s one worth a visit.

AutoStrada. Strange name for a cafe, inconspicuous and not something you’d take notice of driving past. Hidden away in Cheltenham, near Southland, at first glance is just another small-time cafe. It’s surroundings don’t help to make it any more noticeable with run down shops and inactivity being the norm. (What drew me was the green bold banner with its strange name.) However, once you step through the doors, you find a simple and relaxing atmosphere (the way that cafes should be, really).

Ordered a Long Macchiato and Latte. Priced at $2.90 each, both were excellent and displayed the character of the coffee.

Long Macchiato: had, in my opinion, a bit too much milk doing more than staining the coffee. However, the coffee itself was full-bodied and slightly bitter. Yet, as you come accustomed to the coffee the bitterness comes out even more. ★★★☆☆

Cafe Latte: was pretty close to perfect. Presentation was proportionally perfect. The froth had a silky texture, the work of a good barista. The coffee itself was a further reflection, maintaining the body of the coffee, yet still smooth but overly milky. ★★★★☆

As pictured above, there is a courtyard located out the back (it was a rainy day otherwise I’d be there) which would be perfect for functions. Food-wise, while I didn’t sample any, are averagely priced with snacks (slices etc) ~$3, focaccias ~$9 and mains ~$15. For being in Cheltenham, this place is a gem.

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