Cover to Cover

Reading: 2 Samuel 1:1-3:21

Focus: 2 Samuel 1:26

Relationships are the central to life. Without community, without friendship, without relationship, without connecting with other people, life simply loses its meaning. It is the people in our lives which make life worth living. The greatest tragedies in life are loneliness, rejection, abandonment, and the like. What is life without the people around us?

In the life of David, the relationship between David and Jonathan was a precious one. When David heard news of Jonathan’s death upon the battlefield, he wrote a lament, a song for Saul and Jonathan. In it were these words:

I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother;
    You were very dear to me.
  Your love for me was wonderful,
    More wonderful than that of women.

These words don’t translate so easily in our day and age. We live in age where such a relationship would be questioned and looked upon suspiciously. Yet, it shows how shallow our relationships have become. I wonder if David’s words ring true for anyone these days…

We are people created for relationship, not shallow, hollow, meaningless relationship, but deep, fulfilling, meaningful relationship. Relationships, such as David and Jonathan, which transcend words, emotions and anything the world might have to give. Relationships that overflow with love in ways beyond comprehension, words are simply not enough to describe the depth of relationship that is lacking in our world today.

Next Reading: 2 Samuel 3:22-6:23

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