David: torn between love and duty…

Cover to Cover

Reading: 2 Samuel 18:1-20:3

Focus: 2 Samuel 19:1-8

Do you ever find yourself torn between the pull of those you love and the pull of the duty and responsibility you have elsewhere? In the most difficult circumstances, you desire one thing for those you love, yet duty and responsibility dictate another. There are times when the lines, the borders, are not so clear (or too clear) that the situation simply becomes overbearing and frustrating.

Well, King David certainly found himself in that situation. When the rebellion led by Absalom, his son, came to an end, David was mourning for the death of his son. Yet, his mourning destroyed the moral of the returning army as they shared the king’s misery. Joab, however, rebuked him, whether rightly or wrongly. David was torn between his love for his son, yet his duty to his people and the army which had delivered him from the hands of his rebellious son.

It isn’t easy. There are times when our loved ones must have priority. Then, there are times when our duty requires us to act appropriately to the situation at hand. Here, what can be said but to seek wisdom and guidance from God? To know the boundaries and priorities balanced between our duty to our loved ones and other responsibilities.

Next Reading: 2 Samuel 20:4-22:51