Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Samuel 23:1-25:44

Focus: 1 Samuel 25:36-39

If I could only count the number of times that I’ve wanted to take revenge for the way someone had treated me… To turn and give them a good black eye for something they’ve said… To pound them for the pain they’ve caused… Oh, how sweet revenge would be. However, then I would only be as evil as those who wronged me…to repay evil with evil. Such is the way of the world, but quite the contrary, is the way of Christ.

David had spent time with his men in the region of Carmel, there he had crossed paths with the servants of Nabal. David, out of courtesy, took it upon himself to guard and protect those servants as they tended to their master’s flock and there was peace and security among the servants. Upon coming near Nabal’s land, David sent messengers to see if they could procure some supplies as it was during a festive season. It seems reasonable enough, David protected Nabal’s servants and flocks, the least Nabal could do was provide some supplies. However, Nabal rejected David’s messengers and they returned with the message. Suffice to say, David was ready to let loose if it wasn’t for the quick response of Nabal’s wife, Abigail. In due course, Nabal died of, what seems like, a heart attack.

David learnt a lesson that day, repaying evil with evil does no one any good. Moreover, as a future king, Abigail recognised that it would be a stain against his name should he have killed all that were in Nabal’s household. God will uphold the cause of His people, He will provide and He will secure the path before them; but He desires that they, first and foremost, follow Him and trust Him to uphold their cause. It may not play out as we might hope, God’s vengeance does not always strike people will illness and bad fortunes, but we must still trust that God will not let His people come to shame on account of His name. At the last day, God will have His way, and vengeance will be His.

Next Reading: 1 Samuel 26:1-29:11

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