David: what you have is enough…

Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Samuel 17:32-19:24

Focus: 1 Samuel 17:33-40

We live in a world where society holds up models and celebrities as the people we should try and become. Beautiful, wealthy, popular, trend-setters, etc. Magazines are filled with models, clothes, accessories, cars, an array of things which will mark you as one of the crowd. They paint a picture of this dream life that you achieve by finding the right guy/or girl, driving the right car, wearing the right clothes and accessories, hanging out in the right place, known and loved by all and, to top it off, a successful career with sufficient income to support it all. Yet, is that really what life is about? Is that where fulfilment in life comes from? I think if we really stopped to think about it, most of us would realise that it isn’t. There is more to life that the magazine pages (as one of the Switchfoot song goes), and it starts with the choice to realise that you have been created sufficient for all that you need to be.

In the story of David and Goliath, David stands before Saul claiming that he, a mere shepherd boy, would take down the giant Goliath. Saul was reluctantly swayed and dresses David in armour, however, for David, he simply wasn’t used to it. David wasn’t used to the weight and restrictions of the armour, protective as it may have been, so he took it off and went as he was, picked his artillery of stones, his sling in one hand and staff in the other, and headed to stand against Goliath. David didn’t burden himself with the expectations and methods of others, but merely trusted that God would be on his side.

We should take from David’s example. He was never set back by the expectations of others, he was always sure of his own gifts and abilities (though that does not mean that one makes the wisest of choices, as we’ll see later in his life). His assurance came from his deep-rooted trust in God: His enabling and provision. God has given each person what they need to get through in life, the choice, however, to make the most of those gifts, abilities and provisions falls upon each person to trust that God has given what is sufficient for them. Throw off the expectations of society, open your hands and see what God has given you, look carefully at each little thing, for each blessing has its rightful place in the bright canvas of life God has painted for you—what you have is enough…

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