Deuteronomy: because you’re NOT worth it…

Cover to Cover

Reading: Deuteronomy 9:1-11:32

Focus: Deuteronomy 9:1-6

One of today’s popular mantras is: “Because you’re worth it…” The self-worth of individuals is forever being promoted, all under the guise of building self-esteem, personal confidence; it is, let’s be honest, a shameless lie of a marketing scheme. With increasing materialism and individualism, no longer is there any real social conscience or concern for those less fortunate. The Church has not been immune and there is a growing sense that God has saved ME, the individual and I will make a difference in my world…

However, as you read the story of the Israelites, it would be foolish for us to miss the critical point of Israel’s place in God’s plan. They were not chosen for any reason in and of themselves, Abraham was not set apart by God because he had admirable qualities which caught God’s attention, Isaac was no more unique because of the circumstances of his birth, Jacob was not chosen of Esau because Esau was any less worthy—the Israelites were simply chosen because God saw fit to use them for His purpose and glory.

Moses made it extremely clear to the Israelites that God was not delivering the nations before them because of their own righteous qualities. Rather, he makes it clear, extremely clear that it is the wickedness of the other nations for which they are being punished. God doesn’t do things “because you’re worth it” rather it quite the opposite, God does things because you’re completely undeserving. It’s what we call ‘grace’. Absolutely underserved, unfathomable, unlimited favour because of what we are not, rather than what we are.

Ultimately, there is only One who is worth it—He who gave it all for us. Out of His grace so amazing, God sent His One and Only Son to redeem us. A grace so amazing that He commissions us to be His ambassadors and representatives, again, not because this world deserves to be saved but because He loves them enough that He wants to save them.

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