Excited about school…?

I’m surprised that tomorrow will be the first day that I’m actually looking forward to the study that comes with the start of a new semester. Weird! Never in my life have I anticipated or wished that I was back in a classroom. It’s not a feeling I suspect will last long, but it very existence is a surprise and if any of you well enough you’ll be asking me to go see the shrink very quickly.

What makes it even more weird is my first class will have a revision test to go with it…? Something wrong me…I think so. What can I say though? For once, I actually want to go back to school.

Though I must admit, there is a bit more to it than the actually study itself. The reality is that I’m the sort of person who needs a balance in life. Too much of one thing and I’ll just tip over. These holidays have been anything but balanced and I’ve noticed it’s affect on me. Though I may not love my academic study, it provides me with a balance between my social life, my work life and all the rest.

If there is something that I think is sorely lacking in our fast-paced, material-based, individualistic society it is balance. A balance between work, play and rest. Honestly, school probably would have worked better for me if the holidays weren’t so long. Though I know I would dread the thought of it, I think it would be true. I’m horrible at self-study so don’t even bring up the idea of studying during holidays (which I’ve been doing, mind you).

With the first day of a new semester coming, I should probably get some sleep. One more glance at my notes for the test tomorrow and off to bed. Signing off, good night.