You know, I’m really finding it difficult to find good coffee. Maybe I’ve got over-developed tastebuds, but I seriously haven’t had a real good coffee in quite a while. There’s a nice little place (Redgum) next to college that suits my taste, but I’m not driving 40 minutes when I’m not at college for a coffee.

Melbourne is considered one of the best place to find a good, quality coffee, but with the continuing surge of coffee chains and coffee houses, the quality is seriously declining. Overall, I haven’t found the choice of coffee beans the issue as much as the person who makes it. Making coffee, speaking from experience, takes real skill to make a good coffee and one’s skill can make an average coffee, superb. Without adequate training and continual practice, coffee’s full enjoyment is cut short.

So, really this is a call for suggestions of places which you think have good coffee. Doesn’t matter where it is, I want to know where you have found good coffee. Until next time…

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