Good Friday: a good day?

I was intending on writing this in my personal journal, but thought otherwise and would like to share with you my thoughts. What I’ve been reflecting on today is not so much a question of whether ‘Good Friday’ should be called ‘Good Friday’, rather the point that this day ‘Good Friday’ was a dark and malicious day for my Lord, Jesus Christ.

As I think about the torment that begun late Thursday night with the betrayal of Judas to the moment where He breathed His last breath – how can I call this day ‘Good Friday’? There have been few ‘Good Friday’ services or memorials which have truly brought to light the suffering which my Lord endured. Yet, as I sit here and write these words and reflect upon what Jesus endured, I am confronted by my lack of sincerity in my daily life for what Jesus Christ, whom I claim as my Lord.

I wish that my life carried the banner of integrity, yet the truth is, though not an excuse, I am but a mere human being: subject to the wiles, the temptations, the hardships that we all experience. I fail, daily, in submitting my life to the grace and mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ who gave up – (repeat) gave up – His life so that I could be reconciled to God and be in relationship with Him. It pains me, particularly today, as I reflect over the lack of submission and sacrifice that my life could be so much more. How many areas of my life are not yet subject to the stirrings and convictions of the Holy Spirit? By this very hypocrisy, Christ is not glorified, rather is ridiculed by the world because His own disciples hold Him in little regard, such as I.

On this day, my Lord Jesus Christ was tortured, crucified and died for my wretchedness. Forgive me, Lord Jesus, for taking it all for granted. On this ‘Good Friday’ might I remember that while it is good for me, it was a dark day for you and all those there that day.