Cover to Cover

Reading: Leviticus 5:1-7:38

Focus: Leviticus 7:28-36

In the 21st century, we have this thing called wages. We go to work and we get paid. Simple. We know that we can have food on the table if we go to work. But that’s not how it’s always been. In a highly agricultural society, the food on the table was what you produced on your land, then for things that you didn’t produce, you would trade with others who did. If you were in the services business, then, as a wage, you would trade food and products for your services. “For a few lambs, I can make you a lounge suite to die for!

It is interesting to read, then, the provisions made for the priests in ancient Israel. With each offering/sacrifice that was made, a portion was set aside for the priest and his family. They weren’t shortchanged either, they usually got the good portions of the sacrifices being made. They got the breast and thigh pieces from most animals, and then grain, bread, and cakes from other offerings. Personally, I think it’s a pretty sweet deal. I make sacrifices for you, and I’ll take a portion to feed myself and the family.

The church today operates off a similar principle. As ministers, pastors, etc. serve in their churches, they receive a wage portion from the offerings of the church. It is often said in offering prayers, “May these funds be used for the extension of the Kingdom.” Well, the answer to that prayer is seen week to week, as ministers, pastors, preachers stand to proclaim the Kingdom of God through the Word. To those who give faithfully and generously to the work of the church, for supporting your minister (by putting food on his table)—thank you.

Next Reading: Leviticus 8:1-10:20

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