I’ve come to realise, it’s pretty hard to make an impressive display of fireworks each year at events like Moomba. People, usually, are impressed by the bigger *bangs* and the colour sparkle-filled sky; with expectations of the following display to be more *bangs* and more colour-sparkle fireworks, something new and something unseen. Truth be told, if you’ve seen 2 or 3 displays (or just the New Year’s fireworks display) you’ve probably seen what fireworks have to offer. Besides from that, a lot of thought goes into the placement of fireworks, such as the use of the Sydney Harbour bridge which is starting to lose its unique flavour.

I did notice last night, however, was the background music. There was a sequence of three songs playing (none which I can remember) but the timing of the music alongside the fireworks gave a new aesthetic to the fireworks experience. To hear the music and see the colours of the fireworks almost dance along in time gives you a new respect for the pyrotechnic designers and engineers who design and plan these displays for the masses to enjoy. While, from a simple bangs-and-colours perspective, it was enjoyable enough but without the music it simply would not have been anywhere near the display I appreciated.

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