Parking in Melbourne CBD

One of my greatest frustrations is finding parking in Melbourne CBD. It is rare that I drive into the city, but when I do, I always find myself on Google looking for parking options—of which there are few or extremely difficult to find. What is worse, most car parks don’t have their prices visible (which I think is illegal, can someone confirm). So, I’ve decided to be the solution to my own problem. Here, I will list and make suggestions on parking spaces that I have used and find helpful.

Early-bird Parking

Early bird parking is easily accessible and though it may vary, for those who are not working, there are places which are available up until 10am which I think is sufficient. Two carpark operators have easy-to-navigate websites which will help you find a location close to where you will be: Secure Parking and Wilson Parking. Between these two operators, you should be able to find a parking space for your day’s activity. On average, I’ve found that early bird parking will range from $10-14.

    Just some examples:

  • Secure Parking: The Strand 250 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (enter from 323 Lonsdale Street). Enter between 6.30-10.00am, exit between 3.00pm-close; $14.00.
  • Wilson Parking: Melbourne Central Melbourne Central, enter from Lonsdale or LaTrobe Street. Enter before 10.00am, exit after 3.00pm; $14.00.
  • Wilson Parking: A’Beckett Street 22-44 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne; all-day $11.50. Note: This car park is an open-air car park, though all-day, fills up quickly by early morning.

Day Parking

For those of us who are unable to get in for early-bird parking, our options are severely limited. My only recommendation is Crown Casino multi-level (not basement) parking, entering at Haig Street. It is a bit of a hike from the rest of the CBD, but if you’re planning on spending a few hours in the city, this a worthwhile option. Crown Casino: Parking

Evening/Weekend Parking

For those going into the city in the evening, you are spoilt for choice. Most car parks which are still open will have an evening flat rate. Likewise, for car parks open on the weekend, most will have a weekend rate. Check out Secure Parking and Wilson parking (links above) to find a car park where you will be spending your day. Do be wary that some car parks, however, such as Wilson Parking @ Melbourne Central do not have a weekend rate, but an evening rate.

Hope that helps. If you know of any other cheap (or even free) car parks, leave a comment and I’ll update the post.