[Press Release] Luu family welcomes E. M. Luu

On Thursday, 26 November 2015 at 2:48pm the Luu family—currently residing in Brisbane, Australia—welcomed into the world, Emily Maree Luu.

Emily arrived with great gusto after a four-hour labour, weighing in at 3.03kg (6 lb. 11 oz). Julie (mother) progressed through the labour valiantly, though wanted to get and go home at one stage. Peter (father) persevered by her side. Joseph (older brother) was excited to meet the new addition to the family, though enjoyed his new brontosaurus stuffed toy much more.

All involved are now recovering, and they wish to thank all the staff involved for their excellent work and support. Also, they would like to thank family, friends, and ministry partners who have prayed, encouraged, and supported them through this pregnancy.

Below is a poetic extract from the father’s diary recording the arrival of his daughter:

There are days which fade
No memory will stay
Then there are those
Which will never go away

Today is that day
Which we will not forget
The day Emily came
We will not regret

She came with much effort
Arriving at 14.48
An afternoon’s work
Not at all too late

A featherweight entry
Weighing 3 kilos nigh
We’re all a bit excited
Maybe a little high

— Peter Luu, 26 November

Please join them as they praise God for the safe arrival of Emily Maree Luu.

On behalf of the Luu family,

Public Relations 🙂