Psalms: why do you care?

Cover to Cover

Reading: Psalms 1-8

Focus: Psalm 8

Have you ever been out in the middle of the night, with a clear night sky, gazing at the stars shining in all their majesty? Or, on the shores of the beach early in the morning, watching the sunrise? Or, in any other situation witnessing the beauty of Creation? And, in that place, seeing how small you really are in the scheme of things? It’s really a humbling revelation.

In the words of David, “God, what am I that you would care? Why do you care? You have blessed us with life and given us so much…but why?” Of course, there is no answer here, this is David asking God the question. Yet, what is revealing of David’s understanding of God is found in the last line of the psalm: “O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” For David, this is what it came down to—God is worthy of praise and honour.

Before the majesty of an awesome God, David recognised God’s choice to involve people at a personal level is unique. God could demand worship simply because He is all-powerful, yet He doesn’t; He desires worship to be an overflow of the relationship He has with His people. It is more precious, then, to recognise that the awesome Creator God desires to be in a personal relationship with His Creation—not simply demanding worship due to His Godhood.

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