Psalms: You are worthy!

Cover to Cover

Reading: Psalms 58-65

Focus: Psalm 65

So often, it is easy for us to get lost in our situation and lose sight of things which are more important. Especially when things are difficult, when life seems dry, it is in these moments where it seems difficult to look outside our circumstances. However, despite how we feel, it does not change the fact of the matter: God is worthy of praise. It is during these times when worship is most difficult, yet it is when we find ourselves recognising the magnificence of God that we begin to rise above our circumstances.

This psalm (Psalm 65) seems to be a praise song, filled with words which echo the character of God. It reflects upon His blessings for His people, His awesome deeds of power and His creative power of nature. To those who sing and hear this song, it is an awe-filled reminder of this mighty God. Most of all, reflected in the opening lines, this is our God who hears our prayers, blesses those find refuge in Him, and will save those who seek Him by His awesome power.

When we truly take in the depths of these words, we begin to understand that all will be well for those who look to God. He is One who hears our prayers, who saves those who call upon Him, and as the psalm reminds us, He is completely able to do it all. He is the Almighty God, Creator of all and Sustainer of all. As such, we join with creation as they shout for joy and sing, “You are worthy!”

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One thought on “Psalms: You are worthy!

  1. I like how we can always go to God no matter what’s happening in our lives. Even when we’re down in the dumps, God is always there for us. By drawing close to God when we’re in the valley season, we get to see a side of God that we don’t normally get to see or a better way to put it would be that we are not fully aware of – His goodness, His majesty. By approaching God in the valley, we learn to Trust Him in a deeper level. We also get to experience who He is. We get to see His character made manifest. One thing that keeps resonating is this – “If God is for us, who then can be against us?” Knowing that sure does bring a sense of security in that God is always watching over us. He has got us covered. That would bring praise from our hearts to Him no matter the circumstances in our lives. He definitely is worthy to be praised!

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