Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-3:18

Focus: 1 Samuel 1:9-11, 21-28

The name Samuel means “heard of God” and it is apt given that the birth of Samuel was an answer to his mother’s prayer. His mother, Hannah, was barren but continued to pray that God would bless her with a son, a son which she would then offer back to the Lord to serve before Him all the days of her son’s life. Such a prayer seems contradictory, to ask God for something, only to offer it back to Him. However, that is exactly what happened, Hannah was blessed with the birth of Samuel and he was offered back to God for service in the Temple all the days of his life before God.

We rarely find a like-minded situation in today’s society. It simply doesn’t make much sense, why would we ask something of God, only to give it back? Or does it…? Let’s just paint a few scenarios:

  1. God, please provide me with a new job, so that I might be able to finance your kingdom’s work.
  2. God, please provide me with a car, so that I can help those without transportation.
  3. God, please help me find the right house, so that it can be a place of hospitality, love and refuge.

Three quick examples of how one may take a different perspective on how God’s blessings and provisions can be dedicated in His service. Likewise, these three examples can be turned for personal gain and satisfaction with total disregard for God’s purposes and glory.

Everything that God gives us, ultimately, still belongs to Him. Our bank accounts, our cars, our homes, our personal possessions, even our very bodies…they belong to Him. The choice is ours, however, as to how we utilise them. Will we take hold of what has been given to us and give them back to God for His service and glory. Will our finances be used for the benefit of God’s kingdom, will our possessions be used to bless others, will our homes be a place where God is upheld and honoured, will we dedicate ourselves for His service in return for the blessing of life that He has given us?

Next Reading: 1 Samuel 3:19-7:17

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