That really hurt…

Went to my physiotherapist today. Ouch! I know I have back problems, but this whole study deal is not helping me one bit. I was hurting in parts that were completely unrelated…it’s getting quite alarming.

Sometimes I wonder, is my physiotherapist actually helping me or making my situation worse? Mind you, I won’t be seeing him for 6 weeks and that’s pretty good considering I was seeing him anywhere between 2~4 weeks on a regular basis.

I do have to say though, the guy looks out for me. He has been in a position of confidence where I’ve been able to share things and get things off my chest where I haven’t been able to do so with others. It’s kinda cool being able to do that with someone who you know you can trust. Between the receptionist and the physiotherapist, they probably know more about my relationship problems than anyone else…almost.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell of how much I appreciate my physiotherapist and the receptionist who is just one of the most warm-hearted, delightful person I know. (It’d be funny if they actually ever came across this…)