The time has come…

Update: the car still starts…but given various oddities over the last few weeks, it is time to retire. I won’t be taking my chances of finding myself calling for another tow truck. Weird noises, loose bolts, funny engine smells…RIP Car.

Well, my car has breathed its last. After tighten a few bolts, topping up on petrol and oils…it has run its final lap. It was coming and I knew it. I was waiting for it to happen, but I never expected to feel so low about it. I mean, for all the problems that I had with the car, it still drove well. I had (I admit) a few crazy moments… I had some deep moments of reflection… All in all, good times. I just wasn’t ready…tears are welling up in the eyes.

Almost 20 years old with almost 250 000km on the engine. It’s a pretty good effort, if you ask me. Well done, you did well Car. The whole event is made all the more hilarious by the fact that this morning I had told a friend, “It won’t be much longer…” little did I know, how little.