History of a nation: the foundation of a nation

Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Chronicles 1:1-3:24

Focus: 1 Chronicles 3:1-3:24

Disclaimer: this article is merely a reflection within the contexts of the Biblical world. It does not take into account the modern day arguments for and against the claims of modern day Israel and its associated land. The author makes no statement about the current modern day situation and has no intention to define or comment upon current events.

Throughout the world, nations have their founding story. Australia, as it is known today, was founded in 1788 with the landing at Botany Bay. The United States of America, was declared independent from the British Empire on July 4, 1776. On the other hand, you have the ancestral founding stories of the ancient kingdoms, the Aborigines of Australia have their founding story—the Dreaming. The Ancient Roman Empire had the founding story of Romulus and Remus. Each has their story of their origins, which they lay claim as their rights to the land they come from.

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