• Light vs. Dark: do Christians still sin?

    Light vs. Dark: do Christians still sin?

    One of my struggles as a Christian was coming to terms with my sinfulness. “I’m a born-again Christian, why do I still sin?” It’s a question many of us ask. Yet, while we are justified (made right with God) by the blood of Jesus Christ, we are still on a journey of sanctification (being made…

  • Actions: freedom in obedience

    Actions: freedom in obedience

    James 1:25 For most people, the two words ‘freedom’ and ‘obedience’ simply are not compatible. To be ‘free’ is to be unbound by submission to another authority, to be ‘obedient’ is to relinquish one’s freedom and submit to authority. Logically, they are incompatible ideals but James, and throughout the Bible, brings these two, seemingly opposite,…