As I journey through this life God gave me, there is one thing that strikes me over and over. The people God brings along to journey with me through life, or at least, a season of it. Time and again, I am blown away by the people I meet who encourage, challenge, and mobilise me as I live my life for the Kingdom of God.

The call to mobilise

As we come to the end of our series–6 ways to reach God’s world–mobilisation is probably the most unintentional and natural means that we can employ. It is also the culmination of the other ways to reach God’s world. To effectively mobilise requires a willingness to learn, a prerogative to pray, an experience of going, a desire to send, and a heart to welcome.

“Someone must sound a rallying call … Mobilizers stir others Christians to active concern for reaching the world.”
— Phil Parshall

I am convinced there is a critical need for people with a passion for mission NOT to go. We need, in the body of Christ, those with a passion for the Kingdom to sound the rallying call to live for the Kingdom. Whether it be from the pulpit, over a cup of coffee, or on the digital realm of social media, there is a need for people who are passionate about unleashing the call of God in people’s lives.

6 Ways to Reach God’s World—Mobilise

How can you mobilise?

How do you get involved in mobilisation? Well, start right where you are with the people around you. It might be at college/university, it might be your bible study/small group, or it might be another gathering of believers. Why not start a prayer group for a people group? Does your church run a missions course, such as, Perspectives or Kairos? Have you gone on a short-term mission trip? How about getting in touch with a mission agency and volunteering your time?

The importance of mobilising people cannot be underestimated. For every Kingdom worker serving the Kingdom, there is a team of people who supports them in various ways, including you. Take some time to pray and consider your gifts and abilities; then see where God might have you seek to reach His world.

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  1. I find this a big challenge personally. Some days I’ll love it and reckon I’m meant for this, other days not so much and I should be doing more of the active discipling and evangelism.

    I have been using the saying, “I’m not on the front lines but once or twice removed from them”. But lately I think this exacerbates the problem and isn’t true either. I think I am on the front lines, it’s just a different battle or a aspect of the work that’s needed.


    • Hey Jon, I completely appreciate the sentiment. It’s a difficult balance, but I think there’s a distinction to be made in all our efforts in mission, and the call to make disciples wherever we are. It isn’t to make a division between our ministry “work” and our Christian “lives” but I think it is about seeking to find opportunities where our lives overflow into our work, rather than our work overflowing into our lives. Struggling with you on this. 🙂 Miss our chats and coffee.

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