Angry dad!

I find myself tested more and more by Joseph’s stubbornness and impatience. Externally, I’m frustrated by Joseph’s behaviour; internally, I’m wrestling with what is an appropriate response. I certainly lacking the grace that Julie exercises, while I wish I could share her gracious optimism, I’m characteristically responding a lot like my own parents. My recent psychological assessment for work showed as much; my anger is expressed externally and obviously. While the assessment showed no indication of physical expression of anger, my demeanour is far from restrained.

Parenting tests your all of your restraints: physical, mental, emotional, and even, spiritual. What social restraints we learnt before parenthood in our relationships and associations with our people are taken to a new degree. It is often our greatest weakness that comes to surface, in my case, my lack of an attitude of grace and anger response are put on show.

It is another lesson to learn on this parenting journey.