Almost there…

I don’t write as candidly as I used to. There used to be a time where I would share my secrets with the world, yet there is something now, call it wisdom or cowardice – up to you, which holds me back from sharing the deepest worries with the world wide community. I’ll admit life is tough at the moment, but I’m hesitating to share the details, worried about what people might think about what people might think I’m trying to tell them (and all that other mental rubbish).

The last couple of weeks have been an endurance test to see how much my body can take: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. None of it has been intentional, believe me. I am pushing my limits though, while I’m not going to burn out, the weeks after my exams are going to be extremely quiet and a time of recovery.

Anyway, drop a line and make sure I’m studying or doing what I need to do. Ciao!