Here we go!

It’s been a while since I’ve given a reflection on the happenings in my life. All those years ago when I started my first website/blog (long, long, time ago…), the intention was to share about life and the realities that it brings. Many times, I’ve thought about it but I have often failed in hitting the keys and sharing what has been on my mind.

I will admit, I’m tired and drained from all the commitments I have. The preaching, the planning, the studies and all the rest…though, that is not to say that I don’t enjoy it all; rather, I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The last month has been somewhat ridiculous (even by my standards).

While my days are not demanding physically, they do take a decent chunk of my energy and, recently, naps have been part of the order of the day. They are more demanding mentally, more than anything else, particularly, my studies. Often, I find the two are inexplicitly related with minor headaches after periods of intense study.

There has been quite a bit that I have been processing regarding various matters (an essay’s worth) and while emotionally active, it has not been tiring. Rather, it has served to be a point of rest and regeneration, allowing me to take the time out to get things into perspective.

In regards to faith, I’m constantly challenged to step up, rediscover and share the relationship that I am privileged to have with the Creator of this world. Just the other night, I was listening to a reputable preacher and I was amazed, not by his ability, but by the lack of it. The thing that gave him any credibility was his humility and willingness to surrender himself to the service of the Almighty God. I’m reminded that I don’t need to be a skilled presenter to grab the attention of an audience, I don’t need a voice like thunder to be heard…rather, a humble and willing heart to be used in whatever context I find myself.

We’ll see what else life brings my way, but until then, take care!