According to my BMI (body mass index), I am overweight. However, the stated limitations of the BMI I find quite interesting, as it were in my case, that it overestimates the body fat in athletes and others who have a muscular build. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m of a “muscular” build, but I can see why the BMI is of no great value. It gives you an indication but it’s always on the dot.

At my height (175cm), my ideal weight is about 75kg. I currently weigh 84kg (I’m not a girl and I’m not afraid to share…hehe), if I was to lose 10kg, that’d be a big deal. Mind you, not being having regular exercise, I maintain my weight. If I were to make a habit of it, I might be able to lose that 10kg…but really I’m just too lazy.

Anyway, we’ll see. Maybe one day, I’ll be “normal”.

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