Smiles…intriguing aren’t they? (The kid is cute as well…) They convey so many different messages, so many different emotions, and tell so many different stories. A smile may say, “I love you.” A smile may show how much joy there is between friends. A smile may tell the story of how one overcomes certain difficulties in life.

A smile at times can be confusing. A smile may say one thing, but is translated as something completely different to what it was intended. A smile that says, “Thanks for being a great friend,” may, on the extreme side, be understood as, “I have feelings for you.” (This is merely an example, so there’s nothing that I need to inform you of.) A smile may show happiness, when really the person is being torn apart from the inside. They aren’t always all that simple.

Then there are times when there are no apparent reasons behind a smile. (If you know me, then you’ll find me having a lot of these moments.) In my experience, these are the most beautiful and powerful smiles of all, like seeing the sunrise at dawn. A smile that arise from the deepest places of our hearts. A smile that conveys that, for all its faults, all its troubles, all its worries, and all other things, life is good.

When was the last time you could just sit and, in the midst of all of life’s worries, smile?

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