David: why does he get all the good stuff?

Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Chronicles 18:1-22:1

Focus: 1 Chronicles 18:1-13

Have you got a friend, acquaintance, or someone you know who just has it all? Everything they do, everything they have, everything about them just seems to go right… They have the perfect life and it’s as though nothing could go wrong. Of course, there is no one who fits that category, we just perceive it as such from our perspective. But it’s just frustrating, why do they get all blessing? Or, at least, seems that way. What’s the secret?

As one reads the story of David, there is almost this sense that David has it all. In everything that he does, there is success. (Now, his latter life has a lot more to say about this, but that’s for another day.) Yet, the key to David’s success was not found in David himself, in fact, David had little to do with his success. The key is found in the repeated phrase in this chapter of David’s victory: “The LORD gave David victory everywhere he went.

Now, before we start spouting ideas that faith in God equals success. It doesn’t! In fact, David’s life is a testimony to that. God’s blessing of David has very little to do with his relationship with God. It is God’s sovereign choice and will to do as He pleases, and it was God’s sovereign will and pleasure to bless David so that God Himself would be honoured and glorified, using David to fulfil the promises given to Abraham and Moses.

We should be quick to realise then that when someone find success or victory, it is a reflection on God’s goodness, grace and mercy in that person’s life and the life of those around them. Be wary of the thought that something we do invites God’s blessing into our lives. Now, it is not to suddenly say that we should neglect growing in righteousness and holiness; for anything less than victory, success and blessing accompanied by a pursuit of righteousness and holiness, instead of glorifying God, brings contempt to God’s name. One only needs to think of the immorality of some church leaders, despite ministries which people were blessed by, that has brought contempt for God’s name.

God is most glorified when his blessings are reflected through a lifestyle which reflects his character and seeks to honour Him.

Next Reading: 1 Chronicles 22:2-26:19