David: why me, God, why me?

Cover to Cover

Reading: 1 Chronicles 14:1-17:27

Focus: 1 Chronicles 17:16-27

There is an old saying which goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.” As Christians, we have the promise of eternal life, of purpose in life, of wisdom, strength, guidance to deal with all that comes our way in life. It almost sounds way too good to be true… in fact, it is too good to be true. Why would God be willing to give such blessing to the people who rebel against Him, reject Him and have disappointed Him, over and over again?

Our sentiments are echoed by King David. David had just received word from God through the prophet Nathan that God would bless him and establish his family as an eternal destiny. His desire to build God a dwelling place, a temple, while not a privilege David would have, would be given to his son that succeeds him. In response, David stood before God and asked of him, “Who am I, O LORD God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far…

We can echo David’s words, “Who am I that you would bless me?” The blunt response is, you are nothing… after all, we rebel against God, we reject God, we disobey God, we are nothing that God should choose to bless us. Yet, He does. You do have the promise of eternal life, we do have purpose, and everything that it entails. Why…why me? Because God loves you and out of His grace and mercy chooses to bless you.

Next Reading: 1 Chronicles 18:1-20:3