Exodus: we’ve got enough…

Cover to Cover

Reading: Exodus 34:1-37:16

Focus: Exodus 36:2-7

In the world of church and ministry, there are costs involved. Though driven and funded through the generosity of believers, it is always a point of contention as there never seems to be enough (or budgets never seem to be met). Churches are always making requests, project fundraisers run, donation drives, etc. it seems that it is never-ending. Various people have their theories about how much people should given, what they should give, etc. but are they valid?

In the preparations for the making the Tabernacle, Moses made a request to the people to give: “From what you have, take an offering for the LORD. Everyone who is willing is to bring to the LORD an offering of gold, silver and bronze…” (35:5) Out of their possessions, what they were willing to give, they were to offer. Further, it was not a project fundraiser for the making of the Tabernacle, it was simply an offering to LORD.

The generosity of the people were so extensive that, in the end, the craftsmen making the Tabernacle made a request for Moses to stop. Just imagine, one Sunday you arrive at church, the pastor gets up when you normally do the offering:

Brothers and sisters, I am most grateful for your extensive generosity. However, I must make such a request, stop giving! Yes, STOP giving. Your generosity has burst our budget at the seems and we have sufficient amount for the coming season. Go and treat your family to a nice dinner tonight, we are all good.

It would be mind-blowing. I’m yet to hear of any church or mission that has ever had to say, “Stop.” It seems that we are forever chasing after a new project, developing a current project, resurrecting dead ol’ bones that should just stay…dead. It is not to say that moving forward and starting new initiatives is not warranted, but rather that if only we would focus our energies (and our offerings) upon the LORD and allow Him who is called “Jehovah Jireh” the great provider, be our source and very great reward.

Next Reading: Exodus 37:17-40:38