Updated: Recently, I revisited the Lindt Chocolat Cafe to further explore the menu. After the novelty of my first experience, the hot chocolate serving is, just that, a novelty. While it allows you to choose your desired chocolate-milk ratio, it does not really add to the experience. The experience, however, is built and developed by enjoying the cafe’s delicacies and desserts.

On this occasion, it was just a quick drive through, having only time to treat myself to the macarons. The macarons are an absolute delight to one’s tastebuds, though I can’t feel there’s room for improvement. The macaron is nice and crisp, slightly sticky biscuit finished with a nice filling in-between. There are a variety of flavours (peach, chocolate, passionfruit – just to name a few) for one to savour bite by bite or in one (big) mouthful of sweet goodness. Anyway, another pleasant experience.

According to Real Estate source there’s one opening in Chadstone in the new West Wing development.

First, it was the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Next, it was Krispy Kreme. Now, it is Lindt Chocolat Cafe. From the voices of many, a trip to Sydney is boasted to be incomplete without a trip to the Lindt Chocolat Cafe. However, as of July 24, there is no longer any need to make the pilgrimage to Sydney to enjoy the delicacies that are Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

An interesting choice of location based upon Collins St. next to Tiffany & Co., chosen for its high-profile location and large pedestrian traffic. The reputation preceding from its Sydney establishment has given high expectations for its Melbourne counterpart. Upon entering you know you are entering into more than simply a chocolate-focused cafe. Unlike Max Brenner and Koko Black where you are inundated with chocolate, Lindt finds a gentle balance between overwhelming you with chocolate, yet providing a elegant experience to accompany you.

Naturally, however, you don’t go to Lindt Chocolat Cafe and not have chocolate. I had a dark hot chocolate accompanied by a chocolate-orange cake (forgot the name). The hot chocolate was served separately: chocolate and frothed milk. In doing so, it allows one to have as much or little chocolate as they desire. The cake, oh the cake! The cake is well-portioned, and the delicate blend of orange in the chocolate was dancing on my tongue.

Now, it all comes at a price. The chocolate beverages average the $6 mark, cakes average the $12-13 mark. On the menu, there are breakfast and lunch options also, so if you want a chocolate-fest business meeting, here’s the place to go (and the company pays, right?). Nonetheless, it’s definitely an experience to have to spoil yourself once in a while.

Lindt Chocolat Cafe (Melbourne)

271 Collins St.
Melbourne, 3000
P: (03) 9667 0900


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