Fergie Cleans Up Her Act – for Young Fans

One of the biggest flaws of our celebrity culture is the lack of role models that can be found. More often than not, the examples set by our celebrities are far from ideal. Now, I’m not saying that they have to be perfect; actually, I’m not exactly a fan of the paparazzi that seem to stalk every aspect of their lives. However, given that their lives are under such scrutiny (and they know it), most of them could do a little more to improve the image we see in our magazines, TV and computer screens.

There seems to be hope for them yet. There are the minority who see it upon themselves to set the example in society. Fergie, Black Eyed Peas singer, recognises her place to set an example for many of her fans, particularly of the younger persuasion. What I find astounding and encouraging is that she came about after “seeing little girls in the audience with their mums.” She isn’t the only one, however, to notice the plight of society that looks up to them.

However, it doesn’t lie simply with the celebrities. I’m currently writing this on the train going home. And it dawns on me how much adult public behaviour plays a significant part in the development of children and teenagers. Our society, already, has a lot to answer for denigrated state that we find around us. I have absolute respect for the elderly of our society, but when they look at the children and grandchildren of their generation and despise them, “We weren’t like that in our day.” I do not apologise, rather I say to them, it’s your own fault.

Too many people have pointed the finger at politicians, celebrities, popular media, etc. However, the fault lies solely within ourselves. Society has no one to blame but itself. While celebrities are in the spotlight, more often than not, public behaviour is first exhibited in the older generations. The issue isn’t so much the majority who act inappropriately, no, it is only a minority in that category. It is the majority which stays silent. If public behaviour is not, for lack of a better word, rebuked, then please don’t expect following generations to live up to silent standards.

The Christian community lacks good solid role models. In the last decade, it has been plagued by a tabloid full of exposed fallen ministers and leaders. I’m not saying that we all need to be perfect, though that is what we are called to do, rather that we should be accountable and, as a community, set a new standard of moral and social living to those who come after us. Join with me, please, in seeking to raise the banner of Christ-centred living once more.

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