Cover to Cover

Reading: Exodus 5:1-8:19

Focus: Exodus 8:8-11

There are times in our lives when we want change, we want to move forward, we want things to start fresh and new. With a new year, we make “New Year resolutions” that we never seem to keep. We look for special occasions to mark a new season in life, “On my birthday, I’m going to change, things are going to be different.” Or it might be the start of a new month or some other special occasion. It’s always tomorrow, but never today.

Within the story of the 10 Plagues of Egypt, we find a humorous event with one of the plagues. In the second plague, the plague of the frogs, Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron to pray to God for the removal of the frogs from the lands of Egypt. In reply, Moses said, “I leave you the honour of setting the time for me to pray for you … that you and your houses may be rid of the frogs…” Pharaoh’s reply? Tomorrow.

Imagine that your house has been overrun with rats, you call the exterminator and he asks, “Well, ready when you are. When do you want me to come?” Would you reply, “Oh, tomorrow.” It is beyond foolish that you would put up with a problem any longer than you have to. Yet, that’s what we do. We have a problem and we think, when the new month comes, I’ll make an effort to change; when the new year comes, I’ll make a new year’s resolution to change; when my birthday comes, I’ll be a new person. Huh? Why wait? Why continue to suffer and struggle with the problems that plague us today?

A simple prayer:

My dearest heavenly Father, how foolish I’ve been at times to wait for a new day, for tomorrow, to change. Father, you don’t need me to wait for a new day, you don’t want me to wait a new day, you want me to change… today, now. Help me Father, by your Holy Spirit, empower and strengthen me to be what you created me to be. Thank you Father for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, that I might know the fullness of life found in you. Amen.

Want to change? The time is now, why wait? Or are you like Pharaoh, tomorrow!?

Next Reading: Genesis 8:20-11:10

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