News: Blazes across Victoria as bushfire disaster toll rises

Current situation on the bushfire (link).

Simply unbelievable. The current death toll stands at 173 people and still counting…the bushfires of “Black Saturday”, 7th February 2009 are the worst event seen since Ash Wednesday. I’m simply lost for a response to the whole situation. What can you say to such a disaster? Entire townships have been razed to the ground…I wish there was something I could do, I wish this didn’t happen, but it has.

My prayer: “God, you are the Lord over all Creation, over the winds, the rains, the sun, moon and stars. In this dark hour, people have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and their loved ones. There is nothing more that we can do but to cry out to You, to call on Your name in this day. Come, Lord God, come and shine forth in this land, send Your Holy Spirit in power to heal this land. May Your name be made known.”