Cover to Cover

Reading: Numbers 22:22-25:18

Focus: Numbers 23:12, 26; 24:12-13

There are people in this world who are driven by a passion, motivated by a cause, moved by a need. Nothing you do can sway them from their path and they stick to it fervently until the task at hand is complete. They have one focus, one goal, one purpose and nothing is going to get in their way or change their mind. To them, there is little else as important as what is before them and they will pursue it with all that they are.

In this story of Balaam, the case is no different. As a prophet (though not necessarily God’s own prophet), Balaam connected with the spirits with divination and sorcery to seek oracles for those who paid the fee. However, on this occasion, Balaam had an encounter with the God of Israel, the One and Only. Ironically, the request was that Balaam would curse the people of Israel, however, meeting with the God of Israel, Balaam could do little else but bless them. This frustrated Balak without end, but Balaam made it clear—how could he do anything other than what he had been told to do? The Spirit of God had come and spoken to Balaam, no other oracle could be uttered.

What motivates us? What drives us? What moves us to action? Is it the pictures of our broken world which moves you to have compassion? It is the news of injustice which motivates you to stand up for the weak and unjustly treated? Or is it a passion to see souls saved for the Kingdom of God which drives you to no end to tell people about Jesus? Balaam had an encounter with truth, likewise, when we come to encounter the truth of the life-changing gospel found in Jesus Christ, how can we do otherwise than proclaim Him as Lord and King?

Next Reading: Numbers 26:1-29:11

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