Numbers: representatives and ambassadors

Cover to Cover

Reading: Numbers 4:1-6:27

Focus: Numbers 6:22-27

When people represent an organisation or ambassadors represent a country, they carry the identity of their representatives with them. They share and represent the values and cause of their representatives. Further, it is not merely in their presentations and public appearances where these are shared, but it also in their private lives which come under scrutiny. Where high profile business representatives and ambassadors have fallen in their private lives, organisations and governments have often had to pick up the pieces…

As priests, Aaron, his sons and those who would follow in their line of work were to bless the people. The blessing of the people asks for God to give grace and peace to His people. What is interesting though, is the purpose and reasoning behind the blessing (v. 27): “So they [the priests] will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.” The purpose and reasoning for God’s blessing was so that His people would bear His name, that they would His representatives in the world.

However, it is sad to see how often Israel, and even the Church today, as the people of God fail to bear His name in this world. We are ambassadors, representatives of God and yet, we so often inadequately reflect the values and cause of God and His Kingdom. The purpose of God’s people is rooted in God’s love, mercy and grace for all people and when we fail to reflect that in our personal lives, when we fail to reflect that in our corporate lives (as the Church), we fail as ambassadors for God.

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